Diagnostic Imaging Breast

Mammography is an established imaging modality of the female breast for the early detection of breast cancer. Mammography is performed as a part of a national program for early detection of breast cancer, the so-called Mammography Screening Program. Additionally, mammography plays an important role in the detection of inflammatory disease of the breast and is performed as a follow-up examination after breast cancer.

Due to the highly advanced treatment possibilities, the cure rate of early stage breast cancer lies above 80%. When the breast tissue is densely configured the validity of mammography is limited. In these cases an additional ultrasound examination or a magnetic resonance examination (MRI) may be required.

In our practice, digital mammography systems of the newest generation using storage phosphor plates and digital flat panel detectors are installed.These systems enable a significant reduction of radiation exposure in comparison with conventional systems at notably better image quality. Furthermore the duration of the examination is shortened.